Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tecate Ballet - Lance Austin Olsen & Roberto Romero Molina with Luis Ituarte [NE-001]

New Release on Noema: Tecate Ballet [noema - NE-001]

The Citizen Artist Luis Ituarte invited Lance Austin Olsen, an artist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to come to Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and collaborate with Tijuana/San Diego artist Roberto Romero Molina and San Diego composer/musician Chris Warren.

At the end of the three week period encompassing many recordings together, a live performance was organized by Mariposa/ Casa del Tunel Art Center. This was a fantastic experience performed with the gallery open to the street, right against the border wall, kids playing soccer in the street, helicopters flying overhead, sirens sounding, traffic moving and enthusiastic audience participation using empty “Tecate” beer cans and directed by Luis Ituarte.

The performance was named “Tecate Ballet” and performed by Roberto and Lance with vocals by Luis Ituarte.